100x Advisors Visits New York City During Consensus Week

By June 2, 2019News

Kicking off Consensus Week with 100X Advisors in New York City

The 100X Advisors team kicked off Consensus Week in New York City earlier this month with a pitstop at the Sheraton in Midtown Manhattan. With a star-studded lineup of crypto influencers, the 100X team organized an engaging panel that included Tone Vays, Oh Hey Matty, & Ausaf Ahmad, CEO of Eleven01 Protocol, with Joel and Travis from the Bad Crypto Podcast as MCs. Ian Balina shared his thoughts on the need for centralization for blockchain projects, citing Binance as an organization that found the appropriate balance between operating as a somewhat centralized company (to create streamlined user experiences for traders), but still playing a big role in growing the cryptocurrency space. He also noted that the development of mainstream adoption efforts with major retailers companies (such as Flexa & Gemini’s partnership with Whole Foods, Baskin Robbins, Lowe’s, among many other large retailers) was big news. Tone Vays reiterated his opinion that Bitcoin was still king, considering first mover advantage, name recognition, and overall trade volume. Oh Hey Matty shared bullish sentiments (along with other panelists); despite potential retracements, the panel collectively agreed on a market bounce back. 

Following the panel, the 100X Advisors team hosted a pitch competition between a handful of blockchain startups. After gathering consensus from the audience and panel, Reserve secured the bag. The Reserve protocol aims to distribute a stablecoin that enables low-friction, cross-border transactions. Recently, they partnered with one of the world’s largest cell-phone importers and are now trading on Huobi Prime.

Roc Zacharias, President of Lunar Digital Assets, with Ian Balina, General Partner of 100X Advisors.

Ian Balina grabbing a drink with prominent cryptocurrency advisors in Midtown Manhattan.

The 100X Advisors team with other industry insiders at the Lunar Labs Launch party in Flatiron District.

New Partners

The 100X team then made their way to Chelsea to celebrate with friends and acquaintances at 1Oak. Social trading and cryptocurrency exchange company, eToro, hosted the event to celebrate the first day of New York Consensus week. On Tuesday morning, the 100X Advisors team headed over to the BitMax.io offices in Times Square to share insights about emerging projects within the space. BitMax noted how they wanted to collaborate with 100X in furthering its own due diligence process to pick the most impactful projects. What drew 100X Advisors to open discussions with the BitMax team was its strong Wall Street background.

“BitMax’s CEO worked in investment banking for over 20 years, with a lot of quantum trading experience as well. They’re compliant with regulations, and they’re taking their time to make sure they’re doing things right.” -Ugo Nduaguba, Managing Partner of 100X Advisors

Throughout the week, the 100X Advisors noticed the shifting sentiment. With the onset of the recent bull run, many projects seem to mobilizing for an imminent bull run. In Hong Kong 2049, there was an air of doom and gloom, but this year’s Consensus week witnessed an incoming optimism for the 2019 “crypto spring.” Another big indicator of changing undertones were peoples’ inquiries about emerging projects. Reminiscent of when Ian Balina originally established his reputation through his analyses of ICOs in 2017 and 2018, many approached the 100X Advisors team for insights on projects with huge potential. Understandably so, Ian attributed the overall positive sentiment of Consensus week to BTC’s rally.

The entrance to the 100X Advisor’s event at the Sheraton.

Neyma Jahan, CEO of Unification, presenting in front of attendees at the 100X Advisors Crypto World Tour event.


100X Advisors is Hiring

Going into Q3 2019, the 100X Advisors is expanding its team and hiring Blockchain Analysts and Tech Developers. With the onset of maturing projects launching their MainNets, 100X Advisors is recruiting to hire world-class talent to bolster its internal due diligence process. Apply here.